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Expert-to-Expert Marketing

#E2E is a new Sales and Marketing approach that focuses on engaging with the needs of your key accounts and demonstrating that your expertise is uniquely suited to helping them.

Knowledge is what differentiates your experts from the rest of the pack. This is difficult for firms as the Marketing team can not easily demonstrate the ability of their Experts, which is so critical to the sales process.

Passle makes this possible. Find out how.

Client success stories

Busy experts with lots to say but limited time to say it. Our clients work across industries as varied as PR, Law, FinTech, Insurance, Consulting, Recruitment, Cyber Security, and more. Below are some of our client success stories:

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Some Passle Love…

  • "Passle is a really useful way of engaging with both my direct clients and contacts and people I want to talk to, but also with people in general about the planning system and how to demystify it. It’s how I do at least 60% of my business development at the moment."

    Nicola Gooch Senior Associate at Irwin Mitchell
  • "Passle makes it easy for our subject matter experts to get their opinions out in a matter of minutes... There is a real potential with the marketing technologies coming out to put our content pipeline over our sales pipeline and drive real Account-Based Marketing."

    Angus Heslop Strategic Marketing Manager, Deloitte
  • "Part of the value for me in Passle is building personal profile, demonstrating expertise is a part of that but for me more importantly is demonstrating personality. I think the firms brand really reflects the personality of your people."

    Nik White Managing Partner at Brabners
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  • "Passle has allowed us all to engage in the company’s public face with the extensive knowledge and views the team have been safely published with a corporate standard. The integration with social media channels is easy and one post reaches throughout our network. Its vital in the current climate to have evolving and revolving relevant content to attract returning visitor and eventually new clients. whilst also keeping current clients engaged."

    Kirstin Duffield CEO at Morning Data
  • "(Passle) will make my job so much easier as it’s authentic, its our people going out there and commenting on what’s in the media. It means that they are out there talking about the issues that matter, talking directly to their clients and being a lot more targeted."

    Amanda Clement Clients & Industries Lead at Deloitte
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  • "Expert-to-Expert, typically how Passle works, is ideal for us because we have an opportunity to espouse not only provocative content, but to engage in a commercial way with our customers."

    Pierson Broome Retail Subject Matter Expert at Hitachi
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