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Expert-to-Expert Marketing

#E2E is a new Sales and Marketing approach that focuses on engaging with the needs of your key accounts and demonstrating that your expertise is uniquely suited to helping them.

Knowledge is what differentiates your experts from the rest of the pack. This is difficult for firms as the Marketing team can not easily demonstrate the ability of their Experts, which is so critical to the sales process.

Passle makes this possible. Find out how.

Client success stories

Busy experts with lots to say but limited time to say it. Our clients work across industries as varied as PR, Law, FinTech, Insurance, Consulting, Recruitment, Cyber Security, and more. Below are some of our client success stories:

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Some Passle Love…

  • "We use Passle. We encourage our clients to use Passle. Passle is great. Passle is a tool which helps you find articles and then re-purpose them into your own blog. We use it to add scale and volume to our blogging. One blog per day plus three Passles, and you have created four pieces of content. If one blog takes you 20 minutes to write, three Passles take you a minute each." Read more

    Tim Hughes
    Tim Hughes Co-Founder, Digital Leadership Associates
  • "I'm super excited to be going through this Passle kick off process. In one week, I have received more content than I have in the entire 14 months I’ve been here. AND I don’t have to spend hours formatting and posting the content they give me!!!"

    Felica Dewar
    Felica Dewar Marketing Manager, Brownlee LLP
  • "Passle is an incredibly elegant and powerful platform, enabling anyone with a voice to put events and news, within their brand and in context."

    Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones Co-founder & General Partner, FinTech Collective
  • "Passle has allowed us all to engage in the company’s public face with the extensive knowledge and views the team have been safely published with a corporate standard. The integration with social media channels is easy and one post reaches throughout our network. Its vital in the current climate to have evolving and revolving relevant content to attract returning visitor and eventually new clients. whilst also keeping current clients engaged."

    Kirstin Duffield
    Kirstin Duffield CEO, Morning Data
  • "That's one of the reasons I love Passle - I find great content and then add my own thoughts, views and insights - and since using it I've seen a reasonable increase in visits to my website and a lot more engagement via Twitter.  Oh, and one really important thing - people wanting to hire me to speak at their events."

    Philip Calvert
    Philip Calvert Professional Speaker
  • "I must say the platform has been a revelation for Collingwood. We have suddenly been able to get every employee blogging relevant content to their audience and have also seen a significant rise in the number of contacts coming back to our website and engaging with us."

    Doug Mackay
    Doug Mackay Managing Director at Collingwood

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