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Put content back where it belongs: in the hands of your experts

What does Passle do?

Passle turns busy experts into thought leaders

Passle makes it easy for the experts in your organisation to create relevant, timely content. This content sits on your website with your own branding. It has great sharing tools and delivers fun feedback for the authors to keep them engaged.  By creating a vibrant community around your content, we can ensure that you become the go-to firm in your field.

A simple and fast way to create expert-led, highly relevant content

Create great content in a matter of minutes from your laptop, tablet or phone. Our software is adapted to every major browser, and your posts will be fully mobile-optimized.

Passle is a complete solution

Maintain an up-to-date blog

Create regular newsletters

Get found with strong SEO

Engage your audience on social media

Who uses Passle?

Busy experts with lots to say but limited time to say it. Our clients work across industries as varied as PR, Law, FinTech, Insurance, Consulting, Recruitment, Cyber Security, and more. Below are some of our client success stories and selected clients:


Some Passle Love…

  • "Just wanted to let you know, on behalf of the whole team, that we are all absolutely loving Passle!!! Passle is my new favourite word. I want to Passle everything, everywhere. Passle."

    Laura Chetcuti
    Laura Chetcuti Only Marketing Jobs, Content & Community Manager
  • "We know the term ‘thought leadership’ is overused and misused (a lot), but Passle really has helped us become established as the UK’s leading Inbound Agency. … Has Passle had a positive impact on our business? Yes, yes, yes!"

    Eric Murphy
    Eric Murphy Inbound Strategist at Babelquest
  • "That's one of the reasons I love Passle - I find great content and then add my own thoughts, views and insights - and since using it I've seen a reasonable increase in visits to my website and a lot more engagement via Twitter.  Oh, and one really important thing - people wanting to hire me to speak at their events."

    Philip Calvert
    Philip Calvert Professional Speaker
  • "Passle is an incredibly elegant and powerful platform, enabling anyone with a voice to put events and news, within their brand and in context."

    Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones Co-founder & General Partner, FinTech Collective
  • "I must say the platform has been a revelation for Collingwood. We have suddenly been able to get every employee blogging relevant content to their audience and have also seen a significant rise in the number of contacts coming back to our website and engaging with us."

    Doug Mackay
    Doug Mackay Managing Director at Collingwood
  • "A big challenge within our company was how to release the experience of the experts within our team and turn it into regular content. Getting the balance right between regular content and using their time efficiently was tricky – until we found Passle."

    Kirsty Trainer
    Kirsty Trainer Marketing Manager at Foregenix